Calling all conscious creators, artists, visionaries, healers, oracles, new paradigm leaders who use their business and voice to serve the world and our collective evolution.




This Journey is for You If...

  • You are in the early stages of business and would like help clarifying, building a strong foundation, feeling expansive and aligned in your energy, connecting with dream clients and magnetizing abundance.
  • You would like more structure, flow, clarity, automation, support, mentoring and a safe, sacred space to share freely and transparently.
  • You would like to expand and grow your business and align it with your own signatory vibratory frequency.
  • You feel clear about your soul purpose and are desiring to be supported, mentored and guided as you bring it into fruition.
  • You know what you “need” to do but find yourself holding back for fear of doing it wrong, overthinking, exhausting yourself, or burning out.
  • You have a clear vision for the next offering that you want to create but lack the support, systems, structure and practices to support you in anchoring in that vision and bringing it to life.
  • You feel excited about coming together with a group of heart centered, conscious creators who are committed to uplifting one another and seeing the highest expression in all.
  • You feel ready to experience the inner alchemy and healing necessary to be fully visible in the world for your unique gifts.
  • You understand that your outer reality is a reflection of your inner world and you are dedicated to following your heart and intuition on this expansive path.
  • You are committed to creating offerings that support the world in her awakening, healing and transformation, increasing the peace, joy, fulfilment, wealth and prosperity for all.
  • You are ready to step fully into the divine flow of your life, allowing your authentic self to be seen, heard and loved.
  • You are ready to open yourself up to receiving more - support, synchronicities, abundance and miracles.
  • You are committed to doing the deep transformational and healing work needed in order to birth that big vision that has been placed on your heart to experience and express.



Become the Divine CREATOR of your life, service, gifts and art.

Creating Supportive & Sustainable Structures

Cultivating Peace, Pleasure and Divine Flow

Alchemizing Business Wounds

Creating Supportive & Sustainable Structures

Cultivating Peace, Pleasure and Divine Flow

Alchemizing Business Wounds

A radically honest approach


Releasing the energies of overworking, competition, perfectionism, self sabotage, so you can show up as your most authentic self.


We focus on creating safety in the nervous system and emotional clearing of karmic patterns so you’re able to fully open to superabundance.

As Within, So Without


Birthing a business into the world can be seen as a form of soul alchemy as the journey of becoming a conscious creator will meet you where you are, bring to the surface what’s been hidden, will challenge you to grow, will invite you forward to embody your highest self.

We meet in a space of transparency, compassion, non judgment, authenticity, unconditional love and of deeply seeing and celebrating your highest self. Together we weave in creativity, ceremony, play, pleasure into all you’re creating and bringing forward.



What's Included
in this Journey

  • An 11 week journey for visionaries, healers, oracles and new paradigm leaders. 
  • Nine LIVE classes 
  • Bi-Weekly Labs for Integration and Q&A
  • Four 1:1 60 Minute Private Sessions 
  • Conscious Community of Heart Centered Entrepreneurs 
  • Unlimited Email Support During Journey 
  • A beautiful online workbook for your Homework Assignments & reflections.
  • A private Telegram group chat to share & receive support on your journey. 
  • + 9 GUIDEBOOKS with journal prompts for each module
  • + 9 SOUND ACTIVATIONS to listen to daily to activate business magnetism. 
  • Sound Sanctuary membership during journey
  • Do you feel called to deepen your divine path of service and to offer your gifts and unique medicine with the world during this powerful time of change and transformation?
  • Are you ready to deepen your relationship with the soul of your business? 
  • Do you want to feel confident in your relationship with your creative self expression, being visible and sharing your offerings? 
  • Do you desire to build a business in alignment with your signature vibratory frequency and divine blueprint? 
  • Do you want to feel more peace, pleasure, grace and ease as you build your business and bring forward your highest expression? 
  • Do you desire to create beauty and harmony in all areas of life, deepening your spiritual practice and connecting with ritual and ceremony? 
  • Do you want a deeper understanding of business tools, structures and practices that nurture growth and abundance?
  • Do you want to heal and alchemize limiting beliefs that stand in the way of fully shining your light? 
  • Are you ready to feel confident & supported in your ability to magnetize dream clients and deepen prosperity? 



A Peek Into This 

Immersive Journey


Co-creating with the Spirit of your Business


Building your Digital Ecosystem


Your Vibrational Frequency + Divine Blueprint 


Your Most Magnetic Ways to Communicate


Alchemizing Business Wounds


Developing your Heart Aligned Offers


Creating Abundance Codes


Magnetizing Dream Clients


Your Supported Launch +
Sustainable Strategy

Meet Your Mentor...

Hi, I am Emily
My father was a structural engineer who’s built countless bridges.
And while I admire his path, I had no desire to follow in his footsteps.
Still, I was being asked to build a different kind of bridge — inside of myself and then bring that pathway forward to share as an offering....
A bridge between business + play
🌈Marrying structure + intuitive flow 
🌈Understanding how our shadows can be alchemized and turned into our greatest blessings
🌈Embracing all aspects of self to be in our highest expression 
Earlier in my journey, I received my Masters in Business Administration and worked as the Global Director of Digital Marketing for a Fortune 500 company where I learned so much about creative business strategies, cross channel marketing, building sustainable revenue and putting tools and practices in place to support growth over time. 
When I left corporate, I dove deeply into my own spiritual growth, healing and personal transformation. I learned how my inner reality shows up and is reflected in all areas of my external world. During that time, I studied many modalities of healing and mentored with several spiritual teachers and waysharers to learn how to hold space, be in ceremony and help facilitate transformation. 
It is my deepest honor to serve as a divine feminine mentor and leader for leaders birthing a new paradigm. The focus of my service is around creating a safe and powerful container to activate your highest expression. 
Now after working with clients and organizations from around the world to help create the businesses and lives of their dreams - it is my desire and intention to share ALL I’ve learned with you.


If you feel so called to join us on this journey of accelerating your creative expression and conscious business evolution with joy, passion, integrity and authenticity, it would be my deepest honor to support you!  
Space is limited to 11 Participants 



Hear what others have to say

"Emily is an exceptional business coach who combines her intuitive and spiritually-minded gifts with her extensive business and marketing knowledge. Emily's transformative coaching approach enabled me to access a higher level of consciousness and unlock my full potential as an entrepreneur. She has a warm and approachable nature, fostering a safe and nurturing environment where I could freely discuss my goals, obstacles, and aspirations. Emily encouraged me to embrace new challenges and step outside my comfort zone, accelerating my personal and professional development. Her strategic insights and extensive corporate experience led to a comprehensive business plan, branding strategies, and a beautiful brand-new website.

Emily's holistic approach to business coaching, integrating her intuitive and spiritually minded gifts with her business and marketing expertise, is a game-changer for entrepreneurs seeking profound transformation. I wholeheartedly recommend Emily to anyone ready to elevate their business and align with their purpose.

Thank you Emily!"

-Katie Mae Transformational Mindset Coach

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Early enrollment for the 2023 cohort will open in the Summer.
Get on the waitlist to receive priority access as well as the BEST pricing + bonuses!


the CCA Waitlist! 

Early enrollment for the September 2023 cohort will open in the Summer.
Get on the waitlist to receive priority access as well as the BEST pricing + bonuses!

Hear what others have to say

"Wow, Wow, Wow, thanks a million Emily. You are so gifted on so many levels, energetic, clairvoyant, and business and you were able to tune into my energy, as a business coach, clairvoyant. You addressed so many of my questions, concerns, and emotions of fear, low self-esteem, and confidence. You made me feel lighter, uplifted all to 5D and 'like a million pounds. You offered me so many different nuggets, advice, guidance, confidence, steps on how to take my business / ideas to the next level. I am feeling more confident, empowered and ready to act and take action now, I wanted to thank you Emily for your kindness, generosity, gifts and beautiful energy. You are awesome and may you be always blessed to help many, many more people in their lives' journey."